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SBS is re-opening for in person instruction!

I am happy to announce that SBS will be re-opening for T-K through 8th grades after Easter Vacation on April 13th!

T-K and Kinder will have orientation on Monday, March 29th. 1st and 2nd will come in on Tuesday, March 30th. 3rd, 4th, and 5th would come in on Wednesday, March 31st. 6th, 7th, and 8th will come in on Thursday, April 1st… (best April Fool’s Day EVER!) The orientation days are from 7:50am to Noon each day. The students will bring in their school supplies, get used to social distancing on campus, submit their school devices for cleaning during vacation, and get out the door safely. We will need to test drop-off and pick-up procedures to make sure we are not blocking traffic for the community. We need to test our health screening process for the kids to make sure everyone is safe. We need to practice mask usage and 6ft distancing… for obvious reasons.

After our orientations are complete, we will break for Easter Vacation (we are out at noon on 04/01/21 and return on TUESDAY, 04/13/21 at 7:50am). We will be ready for re-opening on the 13th! 

The students who are electing to remain at home for the school year are very important to us too! We are investing in large screen TVs and projectors to make your students more visible in the classroom. The students at home will be able to interact with the teacher and their classmates via zoom. In regards to the orientation days listed above, at home learners will be able to zoom into the class for lessons, and then take their breaks when the on-campus students are training with procedures. 

With much JOY,

Mrs. Kellam

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